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Use travel credit card wisely

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A travel credit card reward is not just a specific airline travel card, it can be used for purchase of gas, car rentals, and hotel stays or retail shopping and offers attractive rewards to that. You need to choose a card that offers big savings on your personalized usage.

Travel mileage points:
Though a typical travel card, it comes handy when spending on other things as it gets you points, travel mileage points. You qualify for a free travel when you collect enough points specified by the card issuers; the figure varies from one card issuer to another. It works best to choose travel reward credit card that is affiliated to an airline that you most prefer to fly with. The affiliate airline sponsors your free ticket.

Free Car Rentals: Heard about money back on car rentals, yes travel reward credit card does that too! If you hire car rental services upon reaching your destination, it means cash backs and discounts and free rentals.

Free Air Tickets: As you collect frequent flier miles, and wish they could multiply faster, then consider a travel reward credit card that add more miles to your frequent flier program. Reputed airlines allow you to fly any airline you want. It offers freedom of choice, anytime, anywhere..Just fly.

Free Stays: For a night’s stay in a hotel you trade your points. Travel reward credit card pays for it.

Bonus Points: Put all your travel related expenses to your card may it be airfare, hotel stays as it will earn you bonus points.

Cash on Points: Substitute paying cash or writing checks with charging those expenses on the travel card. An opportunity to earn bonus points before you pay it off in the same month. Accumulate points for the future.

Secure your card: Make photo copies of your credit cards and related documents in duplicate, leave one set with your friends, parents or partner. Travel with different cards even for husband wife, separate names help in case of one of you losing your card you have option to use the others. The process of cancellation of card, or replacement demands necessary documents instantly, so the duplicate comes handy.

Spend less: As a precautionary measure the card company shuts down transaction on the card if used for more than seven payments in one day, as it raises suspicion, so inform your card issuers about your travel plan and proposed spending frequency. Three payments a day ideally is the norm. Keep the photo copies in custody and keep it safe.

PIN Numbers: There are different PIN digit limits in most countries, at some place an ATM requires 6 digits PIN and your could be four digits. So check out with the card issuers/bank before you embark on a journey. Inform them about your overseas plan, and save your self some trouble.

Precautionary measures ensure a carefree holiday. Because a credit card is cheaper than cash in a foreign land.Take Care! Travelling can be a moving experience.

*See the online application for details about terms and conditions Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the offer you desire you will have an opportunity to review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's web site.
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