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Student credit card for high school students,Values of lending and borrowing for early learners.Why should the older guys have all the fun, just because they earn well and spend well doesn’t mean this convenience is only for the chosen few. The younger lots also have their needs too, at times when their pockets are empty. With no or limited earning source the students deserve the right to enjoy life while they pursue their studies.

A credit card is a hit amongst the younger generation as it gives them more freedom and less economic dependency. It is a wonderful tool as it helps hem pay for certain expenditure on tuition fee, books and projects and more the credit card comes handy instantly rather than wait for the money transfer form home. Thank the credit card companies for considering the younger people’s financial needs, they offer student credit card, an early start in enjoying the benefits of a credit card, a substitute for pocket money or anytime money matters. Of course, there are conditions to be fulfilled- one of the most important condition for a student credit card is that he needs a co-signer, as it guarantees paying back, in time and regularly.

As the students are normally the non-earning members so some one has to take the responsibility of paying the bills if the students fail to do so- parents, guardians etc. The card issuer always asks for a co-signer. The student’s credit card offer benefits like any traditional credit card but with a few typical restrictions and limitations.

• The apr is generally higher compare to a traditional credit card.
• The rate of interest is higher than normal.
• Late payment is higher.
• The students may use the credit card at book stores, gas and groceries, clothes and even for fun items.

Convenience of cashless transaction..
Earnings on points which can be redeemed for DVDs, Books and CDs and other cool rewards. Most parents want to inculcate the money related values in their children, the realization that money powers our living and defines our dreams and aspiration. Money does inspire and student credit card plays a major role in shaping up the young lives into better ones. Perfecting the art of managing money begins early and the right time to build an impressive credit history… best to catch them is when they are young. Giving wings is one thing, and teaching them responsibility and actually training them in letting realize their true identities. Parents should try and bridge the generation gaps even the financial kinds.

Alliance - parents and children,
• Support their financial needs.
• Encourage creative planning.
• Help them create a spending strategy plan.
• Make a lit of source of income – part-time income, loans or scholarship.
• Make a list of expenses fixed and variables.

It is always better to weigh the pros and cons, while deciding on a student credit card.
Student Credit Card - Every Students envy and Parents pride.

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