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Benefit of student credit card

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Student credit card establishes creditability, Grading the benefits of a student credit card needs study.Convenience is only for the chosen few so it is for students- student credit card.There are two types of student credit cards- one is a secured card and the other is an unsecured type card. The secured card (like a debit card) enables you to use the credit limit of the amount and in this case, one has to pay the amount before you start spending. The unsecured card ( is a credit card ) enables you to use the credit limit( $300-500 ) set by the card issuer and on has pay the credit debt on a monthly basis this could be extended ( 6 to 12 months ) on request to the card issuing company.

The growing is a process and the same applies to growing financially, which is today is well defined and every growing youngster needs that (credit standing) money orientation. A good credit standing decides the future- aspirations and dreams. It rules lives, when applying for a job the credit status matters, while applying for a car/ house loan and almost everywhere transacting is involved.Student life is truly a learning stage besides garnering qualification degrees; it poses difficult real-life challenges of the financial kind and learning the ropes of money management becomes of utmost importance. A great way to begin the credit history with a student credit card is the first step towards the future creditability almost through out life.

A student gets an opportunity to step into the real life financial situations, handling money, incurring expenses and winning rewards giving you the thrill of making money your friendly ally.The young student ventures out with his student credit card and experiments and explores the real world of money- rate of interest, missed payment penalties, saving the credit for emergencies, curtailing impulsive buying, maintaining credit limits and earning of benefits, rewards and points for redeemed in stores and bookstall.

The student credit card watchwords,
• Pay you bills regularly and avoid accumulating interest as it grows alarmingly high.
• Missed payments attract extras in form of interest – late payment fees
• Buy online or on the telephone.
• Theft-proof Protection,
• Emergency funds made available,
• The periodic bills statement as it does the job of a book keeping.
• Makes earn rewards on select buys and stores.

The credit card companies offer user-friendly cards, the student credit card is just a card a student would want it to be, as it fulfills the financial needs with convenience, empowering your purchasing and reward for being a good paymaster, and penalizing you for being a bad creditor. It is like any other card, true, but a student credit card makes a real difference, as months may come and months may go, spending and payments will happen but the process is creating your signature credit status and building it. Soon to become a habit life time- good credit.Student credit card - Students envy and parent’s pride.

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