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Low interest credit card is on top of the mind of everyone!Card shopper’s top priority goes to a low interest credit card. It is particularly true with people who carry a balance on the credit card for long. In a pack of cards where would one find an ace of savings, it needs some financial shuffling to be done. With a little luck you might spot the right winning hand. Follow the step:-
• Make a list of banks and credit unions.
• Make comparative chart of low interest credit cards.
• Consider the smaller local banks, credit unions and online bank as they always offer competitive rate of interest- the lowest
• Finally names of institutes, contact person and telephone number.
• Make a call, basic inquiry about their low interest credit card offers.

Visit the official website of the bank/credit union, read contents, re-read. The fine print, carefully weigh the benefits with the low interest rates offers. To be precise don’t fall for the low interest claim as its validity could be a limiting one, as it could just be seasonal or promotional offer. Later increased rate of interest might catch you unprepared. Also check the rate of interest stability. Go online! Search for websites with low interest credit cards, browse through the list, click on one, go direct to low interest credit cards page category, go to finer details. All your every nagging question, there is an answer- unbiased information about the cards. Go and check a few related websites, compare- rate of interest, introductory/promotional validity, long term rates and other extra charges. There are benefits aplenty as well.

The newspapers, magazines and direct mailers run teaser advertising campaigns with a screaming “0%” interest with a validity period of 6 to 15 months, as the repeated teasing gets intense you fall for that one. Feel the urgency of a low interest credit card, hang on! Other things needs sorting out (see the fine print).
• The actual kick off of the low interest cycle and the end as well.
• Differentiate the introductory offer from the regular low interest rate.
• The actual rate of interest to be paid after the promotional period ends.
• The rate of interest for missed or late payments.

You do badly need a low interest credit card, but ask yourself if you qualify for one, does your credit score support the approval procedure. If in doubt consult a financial advisor before you … Low interest credit card means saving money of interest costs. Primarily true when transferring balance from one card to another, meaning from a high interest one to a lowest interest one. The balance transfer needs a fee to be paid see that it is the lowest one. And to those cardholders who believe in large purchases and carry balance forward each month. The brilliant credit scorer is an exception as his fees get waived off.

A low interest credit card - the difference in rate of interest –creates savings.

*See the online application for details about terms and conditions Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the offer you desire you will have an opportunity to review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's web site.
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