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Gas Credit Card - Competition is good, While the credit cards companies compete bumper-to-bumper,the customer wins the race! Gas credit card is the ace amongst the credit cards; the companies are competing to get the attention of the customers and trying all tactics to win the customer on to their side. The credit card companies are teaming with the gas companies to increase market shares. All agree that with the gas prices it’s a great idea to save money on gas. As the card companies are busy scheming to offer he best deals possible, it’s the customer to who emerges as the winner.

Gas credit cards are of two types- one that is issued by banks like Chase, Discover or Citibank and the other is issued by gas companies like Shell, Mobile or Chevron. The brand specific gas cards offers benefits but it requires the customer to buy only from them. After all it is the bank that finances credit cards. Not all qualify for the bank credit cards as it requires a good credit score, someone with a long standing credit history, on the other hand it is easy to get a gas company credit card. Gas company credit card on one side is easy to obtain it requires good handling, like regular monthly payments; it does not remain a beneficial card if you tend to delay payments and carry balance forward. In this situation the rewards hardly matters as you will be paying more interest. Normally reward credit cards have higher interest rates and shorter grace periods.

Gas credit card in hand, one needs to ask oneself what kind of purchases or transactions qualify- The points that you earn on making purchases which can be exchanged for buying gas. Need to know how many points make you do that- the qualifying amount. It explains how a gas credit card can help you save more money on buying gas at discounted rates and other purchases. The award programs offers 5% cash back bonus on gas purchases 1% on other purchase, 3-9% rebate on gas purchase made within the first 90 days. The free gas offer comes upon a certain amount charged on the card. The gas card that charges annual fees normally lowers the rate of interest on purchases.

The checklist goes:
Would you prefer a card that let you have cash back in a cheque form? Or would you prefer to add it to your balance? Would you include a family member to your account so as they benefit from your benefit program as well? Does it allow you to earn on purchases other than gas, groceries, automobile maintenance etc.? There cards that fulfill the above, so look closely enough.The fine print mentions about the rebate terms, other terms of credit card agreement. APR, fees, annual fees and transaction rates.Search the internet best deals in gas credit cards, even apply for one online. Talk to gas station attendants for a first hand information.

A gas credit card is not all gas.

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