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The usage of card demands credit identification of the card holder and that is true with rental car. The car rental companies make it a requisite to check credentials, which demonstrates your financial responsibility towards the vehicle that one rents. These companies accept major charge cards, credit cards and some accept debit cards. With the growing debit cards holders, debit cards are widely accepted like credit cards.

It is better to enquire about your debit card acceptance with the rental company before you arrive to pick up your car. There are rental car companies who do not accept debit card, solely because the responsibility for the vehicle would be limited to the amount in your bank account. Some companies accept debit cards along with credit checks, and yet some insist on deposit with a regular charge card. Try and know the car rental companies credit check procedure over the phone prior to a visit.

Many of the rental companies do not insist on a credit card number when booking reservation. On must check out the rental company charges your credit card beyond your credit limit, In case of an accident and you wreck the vehicle, the company then charges full amount of the vehicle to your credit card, in absence of car rental insurance. Fortunately with the debit card the rental company has no choice to do so.

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