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Prepaid Debit Card is a gift card too!Comes in designated amounts! Spend it and discard it! Prepaid debit cards –everybody’s guess, it is a card that has a prepaid amount of cash paid by the customer. It looks like any other card and carries logos of Visa and MasterCard. Prepaid debit cards are better known as gift cards and are used in any location accepted at most retailers The cards can be bought in various designated amounts and discarded once the money is spent. Prepaid debit cards when used, the spent amounts are instantly deducted from funds at the bank.

Prepaid debit card appeared on the plastic money card scene in the 90s, like pre-paid phone cards the prepaid debit cards. Only after you have deposited the money would you be able to make purchase. The balance runs out and its time to top up more money.The top ups can happen by transfers on call from one account to another, top ups are also possible by accessing your account online. The amount decides your credit limit.Prepaid cards can be bought at retail outlets all over, even online. The top ups are done at retail outlets as when needed. There are a number of prepaid debit card plans, and preferred by those who want to keep total control on their spending.

A prepaid debit card substitutes cash, easy to carry, safe to possess, accepted worldwide wherever the credit card signage is displayed, also used to pay bills by phone or online. Keep a track on the spending and funds by going online for free. Take advantage of the various prepaid debit card reward plans and overdraft safety.A prepaid debit card is easier to apply online, the approval is guaranteed as there is no credit check, and no employment is required. The card arrives within few days of approval.Few advantages of prepaid debit cards-Budget money planning, Safe to carry.The many reasons to keep it handy: when you don’t have a bank account and don’t wish to carry cash. A great way to teach teenagers money management skills, setting limits on the spending. It is a matter of pride to hand over a card than cash to these youngsters it makes them feel important. No matter what you use it for use it creatively.

Visa prepaid debit card is a great offer, with a promise of benefits of a traditional credit card almost at no cost. Prepaid debit cards have nothing like fees, interests or penalties as there is nothing like over spending. The Visa card is just about anyone’s dream. Simply apply online and get a fast approval. No credit card checks, no income proofs. Visa prepaid debit cards start spending as soon as you fund them, just top them up and use every time. A prepaid debit card puts a check on overspending. It is everyone’s credit card regardless of credit history and minus the worries of late fees and penalties.

Prepaid debit Card- just any one can lay their hands on.

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