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Debit Card as name implies, it is the deposit money in the account, and does not incur any credit balance in other words, you do not owe the bank. Debit card works as long you have money in your account; it is rendered useless with a zero account balance, until it is topped up again. Debit card has no influence on your credit status, as it is a debit card-you spend exactly what you have.

It needs some careful thinking before you go for a card, credit or debit card, you need to compare out the benefits. It is depends on the financial conditions and spending habits, if one has a credit crunch and is afraid of over spending, then a debit card is the best option.

Debit card functions – with a deposit of a certain minimum amount in the account, that becomes the debit line and one has the freedom to spend only up to that limit, one can refresh the account by depositing money again. Debit cards save us from incurring unnecessary debts specially comes to the rescue of those who have the tendency to over spend. The purchases and expenses are deducted from the checking account; there is no danger of overspending. The debit card offers a welcome change from the hectic financial decisions of the past. It is better to have a zero credit with a debit card than end up paying exorbitant interests for months with credit cards.

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