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Debit card offers the same convenience of a credit Card, making purchases seems an excellent idea, convenience without the high interest rate.

Debit card fees come in all forms, card issuing companies regularly make offers which are customer-friendly and meet their needs effectively. In this competitive time, some banks do charge- for using your PIN, using it like a check card, the charge runs from $0.30 to $1.00 each time you use the card, there is no charge for depositing cash. On the other hand the retailers are charged a transaction fee of $ 0.65 by the card issuer. Most times the small deductions in the receipts go unnoticed, the fee is charged. While on a shopping trip, make enquiries about the fee for using a debit card before you swipe your card. If one finds there is a fee of some sort, a trick to avoid the fee, simply switch to credit from debit.

The card issuing company charges the retailer a fee on Debit transaction with PIN number, as they are secure and risk free but the signature transaction attracts a percentage of the total sale, as it carries a risk, same as the credit card transaction. The retailer has to bear the extra coast on behalf of the customer. The signature transaction is a favorite among banks.

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