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Debit cards and credit Cards are look-alikes, except that the checking account number runs across the front, and draws from the checking account. Debit cards stops over drafting as it directly declines your demand due to insufficient funds. Debit card discourages card holders to make that purchase that they can’t afford, setting limitations. Debit card account welcomes where ever credit cards are accepted, it requires the debit card’s PIN (Personal Identification Number) Identity verification. It is faster to use a debit card than write a check at the store, the convenient option to make payments.

Debit card, electronic checks and electronic transfers have a common factor, only differs in the way it is utilized. The electronic transfer simply being a process-paying bills online, going to the website, an entry of your checking routing and account number, the name of the bank and finally the withdrawal amount. The merchant processes the check and withdraws money electronically from your checking account.

The transaction reflects in your bank statement- merchant’s name, the 9 or more digit transaction number. The checkbook does not figure anywhere in this situation, yet the money is withdrawn. The electronic funds transfer is immediate; there is possibility of an overdraft as it doesn’t quite work like the debit card transactions. With a debit card transaction there is no chance of overdraft and one remains safe from incurring extra costs, paying interests etc.

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