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Global payments technology company Visa Inc.(NYSE:V), with its head quarters situated in San Francisco, California spans over 200 countries, weaving consumers, businesses, banks and governments in a web of digital commerce, switching cash and checks with digital currency. Visa presence is felt in Asia-Pacific, North America, Central and South America, Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Today electronic funds transfer rides the Visa wave over the world-mainly the Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card. The Visa affiliate banks offer consumers offers choices with benefits- Pay now with debit, a prepaid arrangement unlike the credit card that needs to be paying later. Most Americans prefer to spend the Visa debit card Prepaid way, as it I safe and doesn’t allow you to over spend. The Visa affiliates (financial institutes/banks) with many shops and purchase outlets that offer Visa-branded products enabling customers to use their debit, credit, prepaid and cash-access options. In the late 50s, the Bank of America introduced innovative credit feature-BankAmericard a credit program in Fresno, California. In 1970 Bank of America gave up control of the BankAmericard program. The program came under control of the many BankAmericard issuers-formed the BankAmericard Inc. (NBI) an independent corporation in charge of managing, promoting and development the credit program over America. The international licenses were issued and supported by the Bank of America themselves.

• 1972-The licenses were granted in 15 countries
• 1974-The IBANCO a multinational member corporation was formed to manage the international BankAmericard program.
• 1975-The launch of the first debit card.
• 1976-BankAmericard becomes the “Visa” means the same in all languages, adopts ` blue and gold flag.
• 1979-The Visa Travelers Cheques are issued in four currencies.
• 1983- Launches the global ATM network, the round the clock cash access.
• 1986- First time: currency clearing, settlement etc. and transaction efficiency.
• 1988- Sponsors the first Olympics Games in Seoul S. Korea and Winter Games in Calgary. Alberta.
• 1989-Electronic signature added
• 1995- Co-develops industry-wide chip card specifications. Euro pay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV), operating at all chip reading terminals.
• 2007- Adopted the mobile payments-via Visa mobile platform.
• 2007- Completion of the company reorganization, a new global corporation called Visa Inc. Visa Europe a separate entity.
• 2008- Completes the largest initial public offering in U.S history begins trading publicly on the stock exchange under ticker symbol”.
• 2009-Launches its first ever global advertising campaign “ More people go with Visa”
• 2009- Launches” Currency of Progress” a global payments technology delivers digital currency- a global effort.

Visa offers the following cards:-
Debit Cards (pay from a saving account)
Credit Card (Pay monthly with interest)
Prepaid Cards (pay from a cash account, with check privileges).

Visa Innovation:-
Mobile payments and service- wider mobile device market extend its products through mobile channel.
Money Transfer- person to person to payment platform, account to account through the Visa network.
e-Commerce- Widely accepted payment brand online, offers protection through multi-layered security, verified by Visa, authenticate cardholders online.
Chip Technology- EMV contact chip or contactless Visa Pay ware.
Visa -The future is just a call away.

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