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Standard Chartered Credit Card

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Standard Chartered is a famous bank, having branches all over the world. The credit cards of Standard Chartered Bank are favored by people in India and abroad as they have many plans, rates and benefits for customers.

Like SBI cards, Standard Chartered credit cards come with many offers. They are approved without delay. People from different strata of society can get different kinds of credit cards. The cards are divided into different classes to achieve different goals to suit various groups of people from various countries. These goals can be many. Standard Chartered credit cards offering travel insurance, instant flight booking, reserving hotel accommodation, visiting special amusement parks, expensive golf clubs and shopping facilities can be used by people travelling all over the world.

Various cards such as Standard Chartered Air Sahara Gold Card and Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum Card are available for frequent travelers. The Standard Chartered Air Sahara Gold Card is customized to offer special favors to its users, such as free tickets for spouse and children, upgrading to higher class like business class, access to luxurious lounges of Air Sahara royal airport with snacks and beverages etc.

One can become a guest or a member of a premium club with Standard Chartered RCI Gold Card and visit clubs for socializing. For RCI members this leisure card is the first of its kind in India. This card provides access to unlimited free time pleasure, which may include travel to Mexico, Thailand or Southeast Florida. This card can also be used for guest certificates, easy renewal fees payable in installments, free access to domestic and international airport lounges, where snacks and drinks can be provided.

With Standard Chartered credit cards, compulsive shoppers can shop to their heart’s desire and pay in easy installments. Standard Chartered Platinum Card for high class buyers and Standard Chartered EMI Credit Card let cardholders enjoy shopping with easy payment. Shoppers who have bought high value products but want to pay in easy installments can use Standard Chartered Bank Sapnay Card. Basic credit cards for professionals who frequently travel for business, like Standard Chartered Executive Card, are also available. These cards give access to elite places with 0% interest rates on balance transfers and only 3.1% interest rates on direct purchase. Women can use Standard Chartered Diva Card for health check-ups, to get discounts on movie tickets, for organizing birthday parties etc.

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