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Sears credit card is basically a retailer card, a store card as well as credit cards provided by the Sears the departmental chain of departmental stores. It can’t be classified as a real credit card but is an in-house card used at exclusive Sears and associated brand names. It is a familiar charge card with many. The Sears credit cards are accepted anywhere. Sears comes with three sorts of cards, most typical one being Sears MasterCard.

The Sears Club membership entitles one to a Sears MasterCard, popular in Canada; it is known to offer the richest reward programs. The rewards programs- where you earn points for every purchase, the accumulated points fetch you the right to purchase almost anything at the Sears, including Sears Travel. The Sears MasterCard card holders enjoy an array of purchase options utilizing the reward points.

Prime Benefits:
• Monthly savings and useful coupon codes.
• Current credit rating access.
• Attractive Funding promotions.
• Sears Choice Benefits Plan for added rewards.
• Zero Responsibility on unauthorized transactions.
• Extra clients at zero extra expense
• Return items at Sears without a receipt.

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