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State Bank of India offers many services. SBI credit cards, debit cards, Master cards and Visa cards are some of the services offered by State Bank of India. These cards can be used internationally, albeit with some limits as to the usage and paying ability. Your bank balance determines the usage limit of these cards. Money can be withdrawn anywhere in the world, from any ATM of State Bank of India, but with certain limits. The number of withdrawals and the amount of each withdrawal are the only limits. Almost every branch of the bank has an ATM machine.

Credit cards are extensively used in India. State Bank of India ranks among the top five banks of the world. It is India’s largest commercial bank and is very popular. Many people prefer to use credit card offered by it. Various places in India and Nepal accept classic Visa card furnished by SBI. The daily cash withdrawal limit of SBI is Rs. 10,000. It has 117 cash point locations in 57 cities. Services offered by Indian banks are at par with those offered by foreign banks. They provide some admirable facilities to their credit card users. Credit cards of SBI come with many benefits for the users and have notable features. These cards can be used in many countries. Insurance is a beneficial feature of SBI credit card. Hence, a major characteristic of SBI credit card is insurance policy.

SBI credit cards come in different categories like SBI Silver, Gold, Platinum and Partnership Cards. Every purchase is rewarded with points with SBI credit card. Online services like online operation, online balance transfer, checking account status, generating e-account status and SBI credit card login are available to SBI credit card users. You can easily apply for SBI Credit card and easily get their statement and application online. SBI Bank Credit card Customer care is in Delhi and if you want to make credit card payment you should drop your cheque in any SBI Bank.

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