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Protection against credit card frauds

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Fraud protection features is a thing to look for! The credit card frauds are on an increase, a few precautionary measures can if not eradicate minimize fraudulent activities. While choosing for credit card look for security and credit card fraud prevention features.

Information is the key that unlocks fraudulent operations! Scammers and fraudsters feed on vital information- credit card expiry date, three digit code etc. Rethink before you share your card information with any soul, may it be emails (seemingly from the credit card company) asking for details, or anonymous disguised calls, as it could be a fraudster at play. Never reveal card details - personal identification number (PIN) or account number. Insist on a photo identification credit card e.g. Affixed with the user photo. It is better to confirm the source of these information seekers. Keep the credit card close on you, not revealing to any one, not exposing the account number in full view at public places. Carry them in wallets safely tucked away. Make it a habit to promptly ask for the card if handed out to waiters, sales personnel. Never respond to any unauthorized or unsolicited emails- it could be an e-mail phishing attempt. Come what may in any circumstances never share vital information online. Do it after verifying.

Consider the following and safeguard your credit card.
Never lend credit cards to anyone. There is a danger of unintentionally passing credit card information to someone notorious. Scrutinize monthly bills, check for strange figures, bonus, extra charges etc. save them for future comparison. Carry fewer cards say two, easy to report if lost or go missing. Keep important numbers in a safe place, so that you have instant access in card crisis. Never leave purse/wallet unattended in public. Collect your cards immediately after use. Hide cards away in unlikely places.
Sign the card immediately upon receiving them. Use the card by yourself; do not hand over it to someone else. Check for expiry dates and new card arrivals dates, failing to receive report about it. Secure mailbox, accessible to you and postal courier dept. Shred card receipts and pre-approved credit card offers, save the bills. Upon closing the card account, send the card cut in pieces to the issuer.

While online purchases, take notice of the lock or key at the bottom left of the browser prior to keying in your credit card number. Never reveal your credit card number or personal information to anyone in person, on the telephone or the web. In case of card fraud bring it to the notice of the issuing company or bank. Use the fraud prevention hotline immediately. Request for cancellation of cards. Use the emergency direct number and help them deal your case promptly. You can be victim of fraudulent activities- card thefts, credit card identity theft, credit card number theft, online information sharing, attending telephones and sharing info telephonically. There is no fraud-proof solution! But it can definitely be avoided.

Everywhere there is a credit card there is fraudulent shadow following!

*See the online application for details about terms and conditions Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the offer you desire you will have an opportunity to review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's web site.
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