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How to prevent Credit card fraud in ATM Center?

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1) Make sure confidentiality of card information is maintained at the time of transaction.
2) At the time of transacting, ensure that no one is standing next to you. Use your body as a shield if necessary, while you enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

3) Please change your Credit card/Debit card and ATM PIN at regular intervals.
4) Incase you require more time, please follow the required instructions given by the ATM. Never get carried away by strangers who try to help you.
5) Memorize your PIN Number. Never write it down (Especially on your card) or keep it in your wallet. Do not disclose your PIN to Anyone !! (Including Bank employees)
6) Please do not forget to collect your card back after completing the transaction.
7) If the card is captured by ATM, Press the cancel button couple of times and check whether the card comes out . If it doesn’t come out log a complaint with the nearest Branch or call PhoneBanking.
8) Avoid speaking on the mobile, while you are transacting.
9) If you notice anything strange / Suspicious , inform the security personnel and leave the ATM. Even if you have already started a transaction, cancel it and leave the ATM with your card.

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