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Beware! Fraud is glaring at your face at all times!In our day to day lives, we are too busy living our lives, imagining pleasant things happening to us. Little do we give a thought to the unpleasant events waiting to happen? Credit cards shape our lifestyle, making a statement is as easy as a swipe of a credit card. Ironically credit card is an invitation to trouble as well. To a careful card user a credit card, very life depends on it.

Credit Card fraud is a dreadful thought to horde, but it is a constructive thought as it makes us wary, cautious and keeps us alert. Just when credit card fraudsters are getting better at their jobs, the credit card user is getting smarter to counter this growing evil. You are never too far from becoming a victim. But a little smart thinking keeps at bay.

Smaller obligations on your part help to avert a great danger! Follow on:-
Last four digits -The dotted line ‘For’ on the checkbook demands your account number while writing a check for card payments, it is suggested do not scrawl your complete account number, instead think smart and simply jot the last four digits of the credit account. The credit card company ignores this deliberate attempt to protect ones card. Guess no one will have an access to your account number as the check makes away through the process.

Photocopy - Make photocopies of the documents that form contents of your wallet-copy of both sides of each license, credit cards etc., keep them in safe place, and comes handy during emergencies. If the wallet goes missing, you have duplicates of the documents, phone numbers etc. this will enable you to apply for cancellation of the card. The fraudster needs a name, address, social security number or credit card to accomplish his intention.

Cancel Card - Make an appeal for a card cancellation with the card company as soon a you discover the loss, theft. Keep the toll free numbers handy, making that important call becomes possible and quick.

Police Report -File a police report at the nearest police station where your credit cards / identification documents were stolen. A quick move of this sort proves your diligence towards credit card security and prompts a speedy investigation into the matter.

AntiVirus Protection - Protect your computer, install antivirus, anti-spam and firewall. Keep your computer regularly updated on the antivirus software- block Trojan horses, malware and adware. The firewall will block unauthorized access.

Online Protection - Register the card for online protection via verified by Visa and Mastercard secure code. Secure the password.

Sign Cards - Sign new cards on arrival, cut up older cards or shred into pieces. Never leave your card unattended in public place.

Never lose sight - See that the card is never out of your sight, as a quick scan or photocopy of the card gives away all details. Watch out for double swipes of cards.

Cold Callers - Never share credit card details on the telephone with anyone.

Cheat the fraudsters, adopt fool-proof security methods!

*See the online application for details about terms and conditions Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the offer you desire you will have an opportunity to review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's web site.
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