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The worst debt one incurs is credit card debt. The credit cards usually carry high interest rates and the missed payments attract high penalties. The credit card debts gather up a huge burden if badly managed.

If one finds the rate of interest on credit cards steeper, one may make a request to the issuing company to work out a reduction plan just for you. One may discover that other card issuing companies may offer a lower rate of interest, and then apply for a transfer of account. A little looking in the aspects of benefits, one may come across major card companies offering full zero interest rate on the first year payments. In the absence of balance transfers one may opt for transferring account from highest interest rate to lower ones, helps you save more. 

If you need to be debt-free and control of your finances, disciplined spending is the watchword. Prefer to pay in cash keep plastic away. By controlling the use of plastic we are but managing credit card debt.  A zero balance goal needs to be attained; thereby one can afford to pay the total balance of each credit card every month. The idea is to convert your credit card  balances into few lower interest rates, and concentrate on paying off the loans with highest interest rates first. A general rule is to keep aside at least twice the amount of its minimum payment monthly. 

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