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Cash advance credit card is just a swipe away,Credit card cash is an advance, its cost extra too. A simple operation puts money in your hands, all you have do is find a nearest ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) centre, enter your PIN (Personal Identity Number).. in a few seconds the money pops out, lick your fingers and count the notes. Out you walk with a grin on your face and money in your pocket, but little do you realize that this money is going to cost you more. It is on impulse that you rush to the ATM its best to use this ready cash privilege in emergency, when there could be no better alternative.

Cash advance credit card is a small percentage of the overall credit limit and cash advance limit this may vary according to the credit scoring of the customer. Credit card company indicates the credit cash advance availability. The PIN is provided by the credit card company upon receiving the credit card. The company may also issue credit card checks, which work exactly like a credit card cash advance. It feels good to possess a fat wallet but like good things it has a price, of course to be paid later. This convenience could cost you anything from a 2% to 4% on the amount withdrawn or a flat fee per transaction. The ATM service provider also charges you a fee for using their services. Adding more to that the cash advances offer no grace period, the minute you withdraw cash the ticking starts, the interest is activated. There are a few exceptions- some issuing companies do not charge interest or levy fees on the cash advances. So sing along to the ATM and draw without a worry.

Cash advance credit card also pose some serious rethinking-It attracts a higher fee, a higher rate of interest compared to credit card purchases, extra payment to lower interest balances first, meaning a cash advance can be paid back to clear the accumulated interest on the credit card.
• The list of high cost associated with credit card cash advance,
• No grace period,
• The interest starts immediately on cash withdrawal,
• ATM service charges,
All this adds up to an alarming sum, do we really need cash so badly.

So when in a desperate money situation: First learn to explore around, there are better options only if you look for them. Take a personal bank loan, borrow from friends, relatives or any thing else resist the temptation of the cash advance credit card and save you selves some peace of mind. Cash advance credit card spells more trouble than good, it is a vicious circle incurring more debts, increased interest payments, and one thing leads to another pulling you down in debt. The interest on some unsecured credit card can hit a 23% swallowing the benefits of a cash advance.

Cash advance credit card is a more of a luxury than a need!

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