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Canada and United States though are separated by a border share many things in common. These neighboring countries follow a different credit evaluation system. Canada has a share of people who do not enjoy good credit ratings as well bad credit, students and new immigrants.

In a situation like this people to tend to desperately seek help of bad credit cards, applying from one company to another. But little do they realize that doing this harms their credit ratings further, for every time you apply for a card, the Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada sends a report. Every time a credit card company accesses your credit history, it strikes 6 points off your credit score in Canada. The student fraternity is the non-working young citizens hence have no credit history. Yet some students work on part time jobs along with studying. The year when one turns 18 years of age its time to pursue ones own credit card.

At all times, people must control their credit card debt, fortunately the secured cards let us spend only that amount that is deposited in our saving account, nothing more than that, setting controlled limited on the spending. On the other hand the secured card impose no control, therefore there big chances of landing in unnecessary careless spending. The bills must be paid in time, longer the delay to pay bills, attracts higher interests, which goes on mounting, making repaying impossible, leading to bankruptcy.

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